Celebrating TheTh3rdLevel Women on International Womens day

Today is #Internationalwomensday, summarised by the UN as:

"Women of the world want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence; a future that’s sustainable, peaceful, with equal rights and opportunities for all. To get us there, the world needs women at every table where decisions are being made" 

Here at Theth3rdlevel we wholeheartedly agree and today we will be celebrating the achievements of all the women who are part of our extended family, from the women we support via The Eden reforestation project  who were living in extreme poverty in Nepal until being directly hired by Eden to Plant the trees we help purchase, to manage the nurseries, and lead teams. (With every order from us, we commit to donate to this wonderful project so that more women and families can be employed and empowered and more trees can be returned to our planet)

To the women who form part of our team here at home in the UK. We are fortunate to have expert mentors from both the fashion, retail and design industries to train and support the young people we work with, providing positive female role models for what is for many, their first experience of a realistic working environment.

And then of course we have our wonderful young women who join us to learn and create and participate in the valuable work based experiences and mentoring that forms the basis of our business ethos. All our participants come from Post19 - A day service for young people with disabilities and we are proud to be able to work with them as integral and valued members of our team. 

So today, let's celebrate the successes of all the women who have already helped us form what we are today and continue to strive for all the women who will come along afterwards. 

When you support Eden Reforestation Projects, you help empower women throughout the world. When you support Theth3rdLevel, you help empower local UK women with disabilities by giving them opportunities that simply aren't available to them elsewhere.

Cause for celebration today, on International womens day, and every day.