It's good to be Green but not so much to be Green-washed...

You know us by now, right? We are the brand that firmly believe in ethical, sustainable fashion. It's a huge part of our brand ethos. We started this business to be people friendly and it was a no - brainer that that also means we need to be planet friendly. That means we have committed to only sourcing from others who have similar values, who use organic or recycled materials, who pay their staff a fair wage and do not exploit either their people or their surroundings and it's harder, and more expensive, as a small business, than you might imagine.

Have you noticed that more and more of the bigger fashion companies are now jumping on the 'green' band-waggon, knowing that their customers are becoming more aware of the damage caused by fast fashion and will eventually adjust their buying patterns accordingly.  But is it enough for them to continue creating mountains and mountains of landfill waste several times a year, whilst having one or two pieces in a collection that tick the eco boxes, just so they can say ' we have gone green' or is that just pure greenwashing?!

WE think it's pure greenwashing. We will not do that. Please don't be fooled by huge fashion brands that are.

Sourcing our garments is a research task and all of them are responsibly sourced from fairtrade, environmentally responsible, (local whenever possible), producers. 

Our designs are created in house by our team of mentored young designers with disabilities, and screenprinted locally by a friendly small business with like minded ethos. Our garments will last. We want you to wash them and wear them again and again knowing that they will only get softer and more comfortable over time. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that they are created from high quality, organic, sustainable materials. Most importantly we want you to LOVE your Th3rdlevel clothes. Th3rdlevel clothes do not belong in landfill. Th3rdlevel customers are planet friendly customers. 

So.... buy less but buy well. Thats what we think. Who says 'last seasons' hoody is 'LAST season' why cant it be perfectly good enough to be this season too? 

It can. If it's well made. It can and it should. Mix up the seasons! Mix up the ranges! Mix up the years!  Buy from companies that only use recycled or compostable packaging, who plant trees to offset their carbon footrprint, who think different.

Think Th3rdlevel.