"My best jumper" - A tale of thinking differently - sustainability in 2022

At Th3rdlevel, you already know that we bang on about sustainability and we plant trees and we buy organic and all that.... (As Greta says. it all becomes a bit blah blah blah...) You already know that trying our hardest to not harm the planet sits as a fundamental part of our business ethos. But as the new year begins, as we will be having our usual planning meetings and working out which direction we will be going in this year, we will be asking ourselves what more we can do. Will you? We wonder if this is the year that people will decide to look more closely at the businesses they use and buy from. We hope so.

With all the Global climate changes happening right before our eyes, it's impossible to ignore the contribution we all make and the changes we all need to start making. From the feedback we receive, we think sustainability-minded and ethical brands will become more widely  acknowledged and a fundamental part of consumerism in 2022. They have to, surely? 

So what does sustainability mean to our customers? Our partnership with The Eden Reforestation Project is important to us because we acknowledge that we, and the majority of the population, are not perfect, so whereby we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint, we also choose to boost our positive impact by ensuring trees are planted with each order, as a safety net to even things out. Our customers appreciate this and take comfort in these efforts we make on their behalf when they make a purchase with us instead of a huge commercial brand with dubious green credentials. In return, we truly appreciate them for it!

Perhaps the most important element of the movement towards sustainability, particularly in the fashion world, is the idea that clothes should not be considered throwaway items. The trend of cheap, fast fashion simply has to cease if we have any chance of avoiding our landfill sites and oceans being filled with last season's worn once and discarded garments. 

Katie, our creative director here at Th3rdlevel, has a feel-good tale that encourages us to think that our principles of quality over quantity are good and on point for this new year of hope and change.

"It's my dads birthday today. He's not with us anymore and is much missed, so today I'll be wearing his jumper. It's one of my most treasured possessions and feels like a hug every time I wear it. Dad's jumper is inevitably baggy on me. A thick knit, chunky 'old man' style sweater (and weirdly, you know what? It's pretty much bang on trend at the moment looking at what the folk at the skatepark near my house are wearing).

It was hand made, as a gift, by my mum. With care and attention to detail. With hard wearing, natural materials to ensure it's durability. Aaaw thats cute you might think. But so what? This jumper is older than I am. THAT'S what. And it's STILL going strong, even if it is just for the annual outing these days. This jumper is the ultimate representation of sustainable fashion. It's an item that was never intended to be thrown away. It was created to be loved, season after season and to be worn over and over again"

When did we lose this very basic principle of what clothes ARE? And how do we regain that love for what we wear and the urge to keep on wearing it and loving it, until it gets soft and even more comfortable and representative of 'us'?

Th3rdlevel are going into 2022, hopeful for change across the whole fashion industry and with a renewed vigour for our high quality, ethical approach. 

We'll continue of course to source ethically and organically and will be introducing more small changes wherever we can, even down to the final touches - as well as our compostable packaging for example, we are only using biodegradable paper based stickers and sustainable bamboo pin badges, even our string is made from reclaimed ocean plastics.... 

As ever, we'd love your feedback and thoughts on Th3rdLevel - what will you be doing this year and going forward to make small changes towards a greener world? What tips and ideas can you recommend? Our community is important to us, so hit us with suggestions anytime!

Wishing all our friends, customers and supporters a very happy, healthy and positive 2022. *And long live jumpers that feel like hugs!