Our first baby steps into 'real life' retail. The Alton Creatives Emporium.

You may have noticed that here at Th3rdlevel we tend to do things a little differently. And this month has been no different. When most businesses are reeling from the shock of the lockdown and the economic implications it brought with it, and taking steps to move their experience online and away from the High Street. Our path, as always, leads us somewhat sideways and in another direction.

Starting up our business during the pandemic was unexpected and of course,  challenging in so many ways. We wouldn't recommend it. BUT - on the other hand it did give us opportunities to take our time, to think things through, to begin our journey online where all the other established businesses were suddenly finding themselves suddenly having to switch anyway... and so we find ourselves quite comfortable with our online offering after a year of trading and inspired now to tentatively spread our wings.

Opportunity dropped into our laps with the offer from Printybanana to take on a share, under their - very supportive - umbrella, at the newly opened AltonEmporium. ( A Town Council lead initiative to breathe life back into the high Street by supporting small local business with rolling and shared rental agreements) 

And so we find ourselves, one short month later, with our spring range sat nestled into the shelves and rails of the gloriously brilliant Alton Emporium and the next stage of our adventure begins! The young adults with disabilities we work with will now have even more  opportunities to experience working within a retail environment and we are delighted to now have the potential to be able to safely offer this as part of our mentoring program.

You can find Th3rdLevel at The PrintyBanana. Part of the Alton Emporium on the Market Square in Alton, Hampshire and will be welcomed by huge grins should you happen to pop in and say hello. 

With a brand new #Skatepark recently finished in Alton and a team of dedicated and enthusiastic people encouraging us all the way - we think our latest ranges of #ethical #Streetwear and #Skatewear will fit very nicely in the town and will help to breathe life and vigour  back into a depleted area of retail. 

As ever, we massively appreciate your custom and your support!