Our First Ever Photoshoot

The learning curve in setting up TheTh3rdLevel has been steep. Including setting up and running our first ever Photoshoot, but if you're going to learn a whole new business, there cant be anymore of a fun way of doing it that with our amazing team and an empty warehouse...

We are lucky enough to have lovely friends who were willing to help out. Rachel Meyrick, an award winning editor, director and documentary maker offered to help us by shooting our video and helping us out with the loan of both kit and experience.

Claire Lewis, a fantastic photographer, over from Moscow for a few days did the same, squeezing us into her busy schedule and became our chief Fashion photographer for the day. Both were AMAZING and have made the world of difference to our start up. We are so grateful for their involvement.

Models were certainly not hard to come by as we offered the opportunity to be involved to our Post19 young adults and we had a queue of people coming in throughout the day to have some fun, do some dancing and show off their supermodel skills. 

It was a pretty exhausting day for the whole team, but we were kept forttified with pizza and good vibes.

Well done everyone. Good times!