Who is about to let the dogs out....

Check US out! We're getting good at photoshoots! (Are we allowed to say that?) In the year that Th3rdlevel has been going, we have learnt pretty much EVERYTHING in our ethical business model from scratch. To do that we have picked the brains of our hugely talented team and also have surrounded ourselves with a truly wonderful support network of friends, helpers and advisors who have held our hands and worked with us along the way. And for them we are TRULY grateful. Very soon we will be launching our Dog doodle themed #summerrange and it's going to be pretty special thanks to everyone's support so far :-)

For the first time, we were able to host the most amazing photoshoot - Finally one where we didn't have a soaring heat wave and not enough fans, a global pandemic so not enough available models, or a freezing warehouse with all the doors open for ventilation... and you know what? It was an absolute JOY! And we think you'll be able to see it on our models faces when we launch next week.

So THAT'S the blog. That feeling right there. Thats us.

What we do here is ethical fashion, the quality of the products and the message that we do not need to destroy our planet to achieve crazy cool Streetwear is massively important to us.... but MOST important to us is the people in our team, the inclusion of everyone regardless of their disabilities, mentoring young people who we can watch gain confidence in front of our eyes, is what it's all about.

Watch out for our models in our summer range and you'll see it too.