Telling the world about us!

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to feature in an article in the Saturday Guardian newspaper, in their 'Green and ethical Checklist' section. As our first piece of 'real life' media promotion, the pressure was on to make it count and to tell the world about us! Whilst our staff found it quite a daunting task, our young adults were of course, fuelled by enthusiasm and positive motivation and helped with every aspect, from suggestions for writing the text, to setting up our photography studio, picking the outfits they thought we should feature, and then jumping into the spotlight to become the models! 

During lockdown, many of the young adults we work with from Post19 have been staying at home and working via Zoom, and even those few coming into base have been keeping in strict 'bubbles' based on those they live with, which has worked wonderfully to keep them safe, but is a bit of a logistical problem when it comes to face to face photoshoots for us! 

Luckily Matt and Emma are in the same bubble and agreed to work with us on this promotion. Thanks guys! There were very few people allowed on set, which was freezing because we needed to keep everywhere well ventilated. Staff continued to wear their PPE and kept their distance. Matt and Emma were brilliant, behaving like true professionals - wearing their masks when they needed to and only removing them when 2 m away from everyone else, in front of the camera. We are so proud of how they have adjusted to such radical changes and stayed focused and motivated throughout.