Thoughts on like minded sustainability orientated businesses...

Have you heard of Sojo? If you haven't, then I really wouldn't be surprised if you did soon. In fact you will right now. I was listening to the radio, coming into the th3rdlevel studio this morning and heard the founder of Sojo, The inspirational Josephine Philips, talking passionately about her new app. (A kind of Deliveroo but for Clothes repairs and alterations) 

At 23 years old, she was speaking SO eloquently about the conundrum facing her generation. It's an emotive mix of concern for the environment, contrasting with a lifetime of targeted fast fashion marketing and exposure to social media  combined with a lack of any formal education in fixing clothes, repairing clothes, alterating clothes.... no formal textiles based education in schools... The result is a sustainability issue that would cause a headache for most and the majority of consumers just tend to not to think about.

Josephine looked at the problem and came up with a solution. Her generation are used to fast delivery and using their phones for.... everything. So her app offers a service that the individuals desire in order to live a more sustainable life, at the speeds and convenience that they are used to - without damaging the planet. It's a simple yet wonderful concept that helps ever evolving local businesses, especially in this era of post Covid regeneration.

So - What's this got to do with us here at Th3rdlevel? You might ask why would we be singing the praises of a service that in reality will dissuade consumers to buy more clothes? We are a fashion brand afterall. 

Here's why. We firmly believe in ethical, sustainable fashion. We started this business to be people friendly and that means we also need to be planet friendly. Every single one of our garments have been researched thoroughly and are responsibly sourced from fairtrade, environmentally responsible, (local whenever possible), producers.

Our garments will last. We want you to wash them and wear them again and again knowing that they will only get softer and more comfortable over time. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that they are created from high quality, organic, sustainable materials. Many recycled. Most importantly we want you to LOVE your Th3rdlevel clothes, so much that If they ever should need repair, we want you to be familiar with a service that can easily do that for you. And thats why we love the concept of Sojo.

Th3rdlevel clothes do not belong in landfill. Th3rdlevel customers are planet friendly customers. 

Buy well. Live well. Support planet friendly endeavours.

Musings and stream of consciousness by Katie - Creative Director at Th3rdLevel. Have a great day!