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      theth3rdlevel is a people-centric company.

      Born out of the desire to help our young adults with disabilities, it simply wouldn't do if we didn't also care deeply about all the people involved in this project all the way down the line. This is why we choose to only partner with suppliers who have a good tack record for thinking sustainably and caring for our planet.

      Our team is made up entirely of expert mentors who have come from design and retail industries and can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, to our young adults who come to us from Post19 as part of their lifeskills programme.

      Post19 is a centre for young adults with disabilities, based in Farnham Surrey. We hold shared views that everyone deserves the opportunity to gain experiences and training at their own pace and catered to their own ability. Our mission is provide bespoke tailored training for the young adults who come to us from Post19.