Meet Our Mentors

Rob Power. Managing Director

 Rob has been teaching in special needs environments for much of his adult life and saw the need for fulfilling, skills enhancing, opportunities for young adults to continue into after their official education was completed. He formed Post19 in 2012 to fill that gap in the community.

Rob has always had an interest in fashion and, being the father of three teenage boys, knows London's independent t-shirt shops inside out. When the opportunity arose to create a small clothing company himself, he saw it as a chance to establish a THIRD level to the Post19 programme, where graduates of Post19 and enterprise19 could partake in positive, supported working life and gain the valuable experience that is so lacking in availability anywhere else.

Rob hopes that by demonstrating the success of running a business whilst incorporating a programme of enabling young people, he can set an example for a business model for others.

"Rob is the Bossman. He's a bit like a dad and mostly not that grumpy"


Jacob Morris. Director of Fashion Buying and Sales

Jacob had worked with young adults with disabilities at Post19 previously to studying for his degree in Fashion Marketing. After graduating last year, he returned, full of enthusiasm to not only fulfil his dream of a career creating a successful fashion brand, but also to involve the young people he has worked alongside for so long, in his dream project.
"Jacob is nice. He's got like, a million tattoos"



Charlotte Toal.  Brand Manager


Charlotte's degree in Fashion and Textiles with Enterprise has set her up perfectly for her role with us as a Brand Manager. Combined with her meticulous eye for detail, her previous experience working in retail at both Gap and Ted Baker, and most importantly her ability to juggle a busy life as a new mum: Charlotte is the best person to look after our team and organises the disorganised. *Which means she probably has the hardest job of everyone here at Th3rdLevel!


"Charlotte is really nice. She knows how to tell people what to do without it sounding like she's telling them what to do"

Katie Waters.  Creative Director

Katie has been working with our young artists with disabilities, teaching Art workshops and Graphic Design sessions for the last 8 years, since the origin of Post19. Being a professional Graphic Designer meant she was brought onboard as a great link for our young people to a real-life industry having come to us with 20 years experience of working in design.

Katie is truly passionate about design and mentoring and training up our young adults to enable them to create the very best they can for theth3rdlevel. 

"Katie is like a friend who can also help you learn stuff"