Who Are Theth3rdlevel ...

Launched Sept 2020

theth3rdlevel is a new brand, based in Farnham, dedicated to creating quality, ethically produced, planet friendly garments that our customers will love, whilst at the same time enabling a mentorship scheme that will allow real- life work experience opportunities for young adults with disabilities. 


The Back Story…

Our story began all the way back in 2011 with the beginnings of Post19.  Post19 is a day service for young adults with disabilities based in Farnham, Surrey. It was the brainchild of Rob Power who had previously taught in special educational needs schools for many years and witnessed firsthand the problems families faced once their children reached adulthood. Post19 was formed to fill a much needed gap in services for young people who had come to the end of their formal education years and still needed somewhere fulfilling, nurturing, and empowering place to go to continue with their life skills and independence learning. Post19 is a fun, friendly, supportive environment offering a huge range of activities to stimulate, encourage and develop the young people who attend.

As Post19 grew in both physical space and numbers, we felt able to offer further vocational training to those young adults who would benefit from a more work orientated environment. Here they could be supported whilst training in new skills that would eventually enable them to live more independent lives and make use skills essential for preparing them to work. enterprise19 was formed. Enterprise19 is a Not for profit CIC, where young adults design and create products during bespoke workshops taught by local professionals, from carpentry and furniture upcycling, to textiles and crafts, to graphic design and printing. Products are then sold at local markets, shops and online. Our young adults are fully involved in all stages of the product design, development, creation and finally, sale. All profits in the CIC are fed straight back for further materials and training in a cyclical process that allows more and more young people opportunities that simply wouldn't be available to them otherwise.

And then.... out of the successes of the first two '19's' : theth3rdlevel project was born. At first, it seemed a crazy idea to have to create a real 'live' company that could offer valuable, valid, enjoyable, fulfilling work experience opportunities in a real industry setting... but where else was it going to happen? How else could our young people have access to that amazing possibility if we weren't to create it? So three staff members of Post19 worked together to come up with a format for a company, based on their own personal experience and areas of expertise, so that they could become mentors and pass on their knowledge and training to the young adults they were already working with and had built up a rapour with.

So. That’s what is finally happening. Delayed by 6 months due to covid restrictions, we finally launched in September! 

theth3rdlevel aims to create unique, ethical, fashion clothing that our customers will want to wear because it fits, it flatters, it’s comfortable, it looks good, it lasts and it literally doesn't cost the earth. By creating this, we have a viable commercial project, meaning we are also able to then offer real work experience opportunities to our young adults. From creating the designs in our graphic design sessions, to learning fashion design skills, textiles and fabric printing, valuable stock management skills and learning the ropes of retail in our shop, to warehouse stock control, packaging and deliveries, to modelling our garments and helping with the lighting, make up and photography of our fashion shoots. 

We hope to make theth3rdlevel a huge success because we firmly believe in ethical, people centric business. For ALL people. And we hope that other business's will learn about us, see how we work and be inspired to offer similar opportunities to young, differently-abled, people.

Planet Friendly

Born out of the desire to help our young adults with disabilities, it simply wouldn't do if we didn't also care deeply about all people, which also means caring for the environment that we all share.

We strive to be as environmentally responsible as we can, which is why we partner with eden reforestation projects. ( https://edenprojects.org/ ) Allowing us to plant a tree in a deforested part of the world, on behalf of each and every one of our customers. Our suppliers are chosen for their ethical standards and our products are all created from either 100% organic cotton or a mix of organic and recycled materials.